Going on retreat


The Blessed Sacrament

"Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." Mark 6:31

When we have questions about our lives, our existence and are longing to find peace in our hearts it is helpful to find a holy place to spend time.

Visiting a Church can be a great help, to sit in front of the tabernacle where the real presence of Christ exists in the Eucharist is a perfect place to pray and to ask God for his peace.

Setting up a place of prayer in your own home is another way of creating a space to ask for God's help in all your needs. Establish it as a holy place to pray with a bible, a crucifix, a candle and perhaps a holy picture.

Going away for a retreat in a prayerful environment offers a time for reflection and peace. We all need the space and the silence to reflect and pray, it can help us begin to sense a deeper truth about ourselves and God, how he loves us as we are.

Below is a link to selected houses of peace that offer a place of sanctuary, silence and guidance. Some also run courses.

If you would like to visit one you will be very welcome. It's worth asking if there is a fee to pay before booking.

At most of these you will be able to arrange to speak to someone who can help you to pray.

See here for a list of retreat centres