Letters from a priest

Bouquet of roses

The following letters were written by a priest to the people of his parish. They hold in them truths about our lives, God and the Church and are an encouragement for faith and a call to believe and hope in that which is sometimes beyond us to see and believe in. Whatever situation in life we find ourselves God is close to us, and there is hope for us. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Have you ever suffered from the pains of bereavement? Are you, perhaps, suffering from them now? The word bereavement comes from "reave". It means to rob, to deprive, to plunder, to carry more

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
"Why do you never welcome people before Mass begins?" "Why do you never wish us 'Good Morning' at the beginning of Mass?" "Why do you never say 'Have a good day' before we leave at the end of Mass?" more

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Falling out of love can be a very painful experience. Not only for the one who does the falling. But also for the one with whom you have fallen out. But to fall out means that you first fell in! more

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
January is often a dark and depressing month. And for some people the darkness and depression is literal.. read more

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Do you come from a holy family? Do you come from a normal family?
Not everyone does.. read more

Dear Brothers and Sisters
Have you experienced more condemnation from the Church than compassion? Do you think that the Church sets moral standards that are simply too high for ordinary people? more

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