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We can be most sure of the presence of Jesus Christ in his one Catholic Church, the Church that he founded to be his life in the world.  Only in the Catholic Church can we be confident that we share in all the gifts that Christ wishes to give us.  Within the Catholic Church anything good or true is balanced by numerous other good and true things, by all that Jesus has revealed.  Nothing is taken on its own.  Everything - great or small, serious or trivial - is held together by the full and incomprehensible gift of Christ to his Church.  Every good thing is seen in its proper context, and beliefs that might seem distant or opposed take on a new and truer light beside each other.

The silent prayer of countless contemplative monks and nuns is shared with the social and political and missionary activity of others.  The faith of illiterate peasants is shared by sophisticated scholars.  The informal, spontaneous worship of the charismatic movement is offered in union with the solemn prayer of the Latin Mass.  In the context of the Christian tradition poverty, which has a rightful place, is honoured and respected along with luxury, which also has a rightful place; fasting with feasting, celibacy with sex, faith with good works, grace with nature, variety with unity, justice with mercy, the human with the divine.  It's no surprise that the Catholic Church is often accused of contradictory faults at the same time - of being both superstitious and over-rational; of being both too political and too spiritual.

Despite the faults and failures of countless Catholics, the whole Catholic faith forms a harmony.  Every good thing is praised and valued somewhere in the Catholic Church, but seen as part of the whole. This great variety never slips into anarchy, into people believing and doing just what they like, because it all comes from the Church's unity of faith and hope and love - it all comes from Christ.

Below are some examples/suggestions of different communities that may be helpful to contact to discover the right steps towards becoming a Catholic.

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