The meaning of our lives

The big questions

As human beings we not only ask what things are but also why they are. The question ‘why?’ can also be applied to the whole universe and to human beings. Why is the universe here? Why are we here? What is the goal of human life? Men and women throughout history have attempted to answer these questions. 

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Limitations of life

It is often a sense of wonder that initiates a search for answers to the big questions. The discovery of love, the birth of a child, travel to some of the mo...Read more


Spiritual dimension

Human beings differ from all other living beings on earth. Although we are clearly like the animals, we also have the capacity to know and to communicate int...Read more


Truth & happiness

As human beings we want happiness – something complete, fulfilling, pleasurable and permanent. As well as the good things that all of us need, many great thi...Read more