The God who is the living God

Knowing God through reason

For many today God is simply an hypothesis to account for the universe, or an idea that was once powerful in the history of humanity. Some actually see belief in God as weakness, as an easy or fantastical crutch to help walk through the difficulties and challenges of life. For the Christian God lives, and God’s reality is satisfying to reason and His presence, love and grace are operative in the world and are shaping history. 

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The living God

God in creation

Around the world today and throughout history it is a near universal fact that people acknowledge a higher power that influences the events and movements of...Read more

The living God

God revealed

Christians believe that human beings not only search for God but that God searches for them. In fact Christians believe that God has spoken to human beings a...Read more

The living God

Meeting God in prayer

Many people have come to realise the truth about God through prayer. Almost all people have had some experience of prayer, from the little child who closes h...Read more