Jesus' message of who we are and who God is

God is Trinity

Above all else Christianity reveals who God is. Based directly on Jesus’ own words about his eternal unity with the Father and the Holy Spirit, the Church has always taught that God is one God, but three distinct persons. The revelation that God is a Trinity underlines the foundational importance of relationships. 

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Jesus' message


Liberation from all that holds us back, is at the heart of the Gospel message and life. One of the first steps in becoming a committed Christian is recognisi...Read more

Jesus' message

Called to Holiness

Christians believe that all people are called to God’s grace. Grace refers to those gifts that bring about a supernatural friendship with God. An elevation o...Read more

Jesus' message

Eternal life

God has removed death's terror for us and made it the path to eternal life. We should therefore remain in God’s friendship, live each day as if it were our l...Read more