If you would like to find out more about the Catholic Church, but are not sure what to do next, here are some ideas for books to help you find out what the C... Read more



Community is necessary for faith to grow, the prayer of a community is essential in our Christian journey. This section lists suggested contacts for communit... Read more


Catholic Faith

Today many assume that life has no ultimate meaning, that we are born into this world of colour, shape and sound with no purpose except to disappear some seventy or eighty years later. There are others who still continue to search for the true meaning of their lives and a small number who are convinced they have found it. The following sections lay out a first contact with Catholic faith, the Church and how they connect to the meaning of our lives. Read more


Ask & Find

If you would like to take steps towards coming to church here you can find your nearest Catholic church and request some further reading on the Catholic faith. Read more

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The sacraments are sacred signs through which Christ gives his divine life to us. Here you can find contacts for Baptism through finding a parish, a priest,... Read more



Finding head and heart space is a necessity for all of us. Here's a guide to places of retreat that are good for spirtual guidance and can help with prayer. Read more