The search for truth & happiness

Faith in the mercy of God

As human beings we want happiness – something complete, fulfilling, pleasurable and permanent. As well as the good things that all of us need, many great thinkers have realised that our happiness must also somehow involve knowing God. How else can happiness so lasting and complete be found? One great writer put it this way, ‘You have made us for yourself and our hearts are restless till they rest in you’ (St Augustine, Confessions, I.1.1).

Happiness, however, appears to elude us. In this life we experience many partial and temporary joys, but none of these truly brings fulfilment. Furthermore, there is much pain and suffering in life, and our bodies decay and die. In the midst of seeming hopelessness, many human beings have failed to lose confidence in a good God who would never abandon them and who desires to fulfil their abiding hope for lasting joy which he has created in them. Many have not only surrendered their hearts to this God as their only hope but have become convinced of the truth he has revealed to the world through Jesus Christ.

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