The Church & our lives

Communion with God & all people

Communion with God

The Church exists because every human being is meant to be united both to God and to one another. It is God’s universal family, the Church, which makes this communion possible.

The Catholic Church is meant to be for all people and is innately universal. All its members are called, each in their own way, to share the riches of faith.

This passing on of faith is called evangelisation. Fruitful evangelisation is based on the twofold principle of spirit and truth. With regard to truth, Christianity is a revealed faith, so it is necessary to receive its truth in order to communicate this truth to others. Therefore, it is important to invest time, insofar as one is able, into learning about the faith from reliable teachers, especially the saints and doctors of the Church. Truth alone, however, is not enough. One must also be moved by the Holy Spirit in order to be fruitful. So one must come to know God personally, especially through devotion to daily prayer and the sacraments, to be moved by God effectively to this work of proclaiming the Gospel. So true evangelisation begins, in fact, with study and prayer, so that this work, as God’s work, will be fruitful.

We evangelise practically in a variety of ways, such as praying for conversions; teaching the faith to those around us; being ready to give an account of the faith to others when the opportunity arises.

Every person is called to a particular kind of service. Marriage is the vocation of most people, although some are called to remain single. God also specifically calls some people to consecrate themselves in religious life or the priesthood. To discern and follow our vocation we need to: pray to discover God’s will; examine our talents and the contemporary needs of the Church and the world; pray for strength to pursue our vocation when it has become clear.

The goal of the Church is to be united with God in the glory of heaven. The Apostles’ Creed calls the Church in glory ‘the communion of saints’. Although most saints are unknown to us, the Church has recognised that certain men and women, from all ages and states of life, are definitely saints in heaven. We in the Church on earth are joined in prayer with the saints in heaven. We therefore honour them and pray for their intercession in our earthly pilgrimage.

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